Members are Baldrige-based state and regional programs and other organizations using the Baldrige Excellence Framework to improve and recognize organizations.

We offer organizational and individual memberships. Member benefits include access to Baldrige Alliance products and services designed to grow Baldrige-based Performance Excellence across the US and internationally.

Members’ Products and Services

Most members offer a tiered approach to providing organizational improvement and feedback using the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Here is an example:

  • Tier 1 Feedback on an Organizational Profile

Feedback on an application written to the Baldrige Criteria:

  • Tier 2 – at the Basic level
  • Tier 3 – at the Overall level
  • Tier 4 – at the Multiple level

Member programs also offer many other services. Click on your state on the State and Regional page to be taken to the program serving your state.

Baldrige Alliance Products and Services:

Baldrige Alliance products and services are available through Program Members and in some cases directly through the Alliance.

  • Alliance owned: Baldrige Express Survey and Educational Webinars
  • Shared ownership/partnership: Baldrige Conference, Examiner Training Curriculum, and organizational Recognition Programs
  • Partner owned: Examples: ManageHub and Member developed products that are licensed through/shared with other members

Most products for end user customers are designed to be delivered by Program Members with Alliance direct delivery as a back-up.